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  • Elske Rahill - Between Dog and Wolf (Pré-Compra) - Novo

Elske Rahill - Between Dog and Wolf (Pré-Compra) - Novo

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'All that I did though - speaking for you, stealing from you, creating and undoing you, I did because I loved you.' The campus of Trinity College Dublin serves as common ground between lectures, parties and sexual encounters as students Oisin and Helen embark on a relationship that will define and change them both, and Cassandra, Helen's best friend, sinks into a savage depression that threatens to engulf her. As the year draws to an end they come to understand more of themselves and less of one another, and learn that uncertainty and devotion can be powerful destructive forces. Like 'Country Girls' imagined by Pat McCabe, 'Between Dog and Wolf' is a sometimes shocking, darkly irreverent but stirring first novel of college life in Ireland's capital.