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  • Anna Burns - Mostly Hero (Pré-Compra) - Novo
  • Anna Burns - Mostly Hero (Pré-Compra) - Novo

Anna Burns - Mostly Hero (Pré-Compra) - Novo

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Femme is under a magic spell to kill her lover, Hero. Hero is on a mission to discover if Femme’s Great Aunt - the old lady who lives alone in a skyscraper - is his own disreputable grandmother. Master villain Great Aunt needs to know whether or not her favourite niece, Femme, is in love with her arch-enemy, Hero. Meantime, Freddie, Femme’s lovelorn cousin, must seek out and destroy Great Aunt otherwise his sweet-natured fiancée, Monique Frostique, absolutely refuses to marry him. This novella has it all: life, death, life after death, life in spite of death, love, truth, deception, good guys, bad guys and the guy who considered himself good but now isn’t so sure.

An entertaining and strangely spiritual tale.

About the Author
Anna Burns is the critically-acclaimed author of the novels No Bones and Little Constructions. Her first book won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize and was short-listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction. Born and raised in Belfast in Northern Ireland, Anna now lives by the sea in East Sussex